Ultra Blend (UB) M&M's 50/50 poly/cotton 8 1/2 oz. plated fabric is unique because of the knitting process. This plated fabric exposes 100% poly to the facing side of the jersey for a bright shinny finish and strength. The inside of the fabric is cotton which allows for comfort and absorbs persperation. The printing method we use on this fabric is screen printed using plastisol inks. We do not recommend printing light colored plastisol inks on dark colored UB. This fabric comes in many colors and is reactive dyed for the best possible color fastness. Shrinkage is minimal. We stock this fabric in black, white, gray, kelly green, yellow, light gold, red, maroon, navy blue, columbia blue, royal blue, and purple.

Vented Air Flow (VAF) This fabric is a blend of 50% poly and 50% cotton. The material is knitted with small holes to allow for maximum air flow on those hot summer days. This fabric is also used for additional venting in such areas as underarms and side panels. We print this jersey using our plastisol inks. Shrinkage is approximately 4-5%. We stock this fabric in white only

EuroMesh fabric is a 100% polyester Dupont product. This is the way to go if sublimation printing is what you want. Euromesh is designed to pull the moisture away from the skin and evaporate without absorbing the liquids in the fiber itself. Shrinkage is minimal at approximately 1-2%. Available in white only.

Grinder-Mesh (GMS) This 100% nylon pro-mesh was the first fabric we used 30 years ago and is still the only choice of many In fact there are still jerseys being worn that we made way back then. The mesh allows the total garment to breath. This fabric is very durable and stain resistant. You can order this fabric for the entire garment or as panels for venting to create a very functional jersey. The shrinkage is almost non-existent. We print on this fabric using plastisol inks, colors available are red, white, royal blue, light gold and black.

Fish-Net (FN) Our 100% nylon port hole fabric was first used by M&M in the bicycle industry for Sundance Cycle in 1983. Soon after Zeronine took it national. In the heat of competition you can’t get more ventilation. We use our FN fabric on the lower 1/3 of the body panel. This allows the air to circulate up and around the body of the garment. This fabric can be sewn with all our fabrics and comes in black or white. We do not print on this fabric. Shrinkage is zero.

Cotton (CTN) Our 100% 9 1/2 to 10 oz ring spun cotton fabric is the perfect weight for racing. We feel that our cotton fabric is a great all purpose fabric. It’s comfortable and withstands the rigors of the sport well. We can print this fabric using our plastisol or water base inks, on white only Using water based inks on 100% cotton allows for the garment to breath and conform to your body Shrinkage is approximately 5-6%. We stock this fabric in black or white.

All-Sport (ASN) This ribbing is used on the neck and cuff of our garments. We offer this 100% poly with micro fiber ribbing because it retains it’s shape and is durable. It can be used with all of our jersey knit fabrics. This ribbing is stocked in white, black, red, royal blue and gold. On orders over 1000 pieces. we can special order colors for your design. These fabrics are reactive dyed for superior color fastness.

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